Mounira Sonbol (1957)

This is actress Mounira Sonbol dancing to ‘Zeina’ written by Mohamed Abdel Wahab. The scene is from the 1957 film ‘Sajeen Abu Zou’boul’ or ‘Sajeen Abu Zaabal’ ‘(The Prisoner of Abu Zaabal’ ). Abu Zaabal is the name of a prison about 20 miles out of Cairo.
Mounira Sonbol retired after only a few films and is now only seen occasionally on tv programmes that look at her past career or at movies made around that time.
‘Sajeen Abu Zaabal’ also starred Estafan Rosti (the man who enters the room at the very end of the clip), Mahmoud el Meliji and Mohsan Sarhan. Thank you to Jaylan Salah for the ID.
Off topic but Abu Zaabal is also the site of the largest, and last, leper colony in the Middle East established in the 1930s.

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