Soheir Zaki (1971) سهير زكي

Here’s an interesting clip of Soheir Zaki from the 1971 film ‘Rejal fil al Misyada’ (Men in the Trap رجال فى المصيدة ) which starred Mahmoud al Meliji and Salah Qabil. Soheir’s wearing street clothes and dances to a baladi progression of a style that’ll be familiar to many dancers.  The interesting bit is that in some versions of the film, while she still dances to the same music, the scene changes to a studio for part of her performance. During the scene change Soheir wears a bedlah but in this version the music is cut short and she dances in civvies only.
Trivia: I’ve been told that Soheir Zaki was married to the film’s Director of Photography at that time this film was made.

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