Nabila Ebeid (1984) نبيلة عبيد

This is Egyptian actress/dancer Nabila Ebeid in the 1984 film ‘Al Raqissa w’al Tabal’ (The Dancer and the Drummer).
The film opens with Zizi Mustafa making a cameo appearance as a famous bellydancer who, following a disagreement with Abdu the drummer played by Ahmed Zaki, walks out of her job performing at a nightclub. A replacement dancer must be found quickly and Abdu brings in a local dancer named Mabaheg, played by Ebeid. This is the scene where he sees her for the first time dancing at a local wedding.  He hires her and coaches her to fame and fortune. There’s also a whole backstory about contracts and debts. Sad ending though, as she rises to fame he ends up on drugs and unemployed.

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