Soheir Zaki (1970) سهير زكي

Bellydance legend Soheir Zaki dances in a scene from the 1970 Egyptian comedy ‘El Maganeen el Talata’  (The 3 Lunatics/المجانين الثلاثة ). The film’s a comedy and tells the story of three friends, a journalist, a psychiatrist and a veterinarian, played by El Deif Ahmed, George Sidhom and Samir Ghanem. The vet invents a machine that changes the size and age of rabbits that he’s stolen from his neighbours, then he tries the machine on people.
El Deif Ahmed (the short one), George Sidhom (the portly one) and Samir Ghanem (the other one) collectively made up a trio named ‘Tholathy Adwa’a El Masrah'(ثلاثي أضواء المسرح  which is probably best translated as ‘three stage lights’‎). They appeared together in many films, plays and Ramadan tv series until El Deif Ahmed’s death in 1970 at the age of 33. Sidhom and Ghanem continued as a duo until 1982 when Sidhom retired due to ill health. Samir Ghanem has subsequently gone on to have a successful film career.

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