Bellydance scene (1990)

A bellydance scene performed by one of the cast in the 1990 film “Garima illa Roba’a” which starred Fouad al Mohandes.  He plays Essam and the part of his wife Shushu was played by Shweiker who was al Mohandes’ wife at the time.  Also starring was Ahmed Bedir and comedienne Aisha Elkelany as Essam and Shushu’s very pregnant neighbour.  The title ‘Garima illa Roba’a’ relates to the clock and how you would tell the time in Arabic.  In Arabic the expression ‘illa roba’a’ means 1/4 less than the whole hour (ie 3/4) and for this movie’s title that expression has been added to the word ‘garima’ a word meaning ‘a crime’.  So the title of the film means literally ‘3/4 of a crime’ which gives you the idea but it’s a bit cumbersome so we’ll change it a bit and call it “Almost a Crime”  You’ll see that Fouad al Mohandes is looking under the sofa, this is because he has a dead body stashed under there, hence the film’s title.

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