Leila Elwi (2000) ليلى أحمد علوي‎

Actress Leila Elwi dances in a scene from the Egyptian movie ‘Ragol Laho Madi’.  The film was released in 2000 and starred two actors who are legends of Egyptian cinema, Kamal El Shanawi and Farouk El Feshawi. The film tells the story of Shaker, a hugely wealthy Egyptian who’s lived in Europe for years. On learning that he’s dying he decides to return to Egypt to find the illegitimate daughter he fathered years before.   He meets Hamido whose wife is a bellydancer named Manal, the character played by Leila Elwi. Hamido asks Manal to pretend that she’s Shaker’s daughter. As Manal gets to know Shaker her conscience gets the better of her and she tells him the truth.  She also shows Shaker his real daughter who has become a drug abusing prostitute. Shaker tries to rescue his daughter but she’s murdered and dies in her father’s arms.

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