Farida Seif El Nasr (فريدة سيف النصر) and singer Walid Toufic (وليد توفيق)

In this scene Egyptian actress Farida Seif El Nasr is dancing with singer Walid Toufic (also spelt Toufiq, Tawfik and Tawfiq) in one of his early films. Farida is an ‘actress who dances’ and she’s also danced with Ahmed Adawiya in one of his films. Does anyone else think that with the bouffant hairdo Walid Toufic looks like Patrick Duffy in ‘Dallas’?
Trivia: Born in Tripoli, Lebanon, Walid Toufic got his big break on ‘Studio el Fan’ a Lebanese tv talent show that also introduced bellydancers Haweyda Hasham, Giselle Bomentre and Samara amongst others. He went on to have a successful music and acting career appearing in many Egyptian films.


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