Vered Goldberg (1980s)

Another golden oldie, this time featuring dancer Vered Goldberg and Iraqi/Israeli singer George Bar. Many thanks to Amoura Latif and Sassi Meital for the IDs and the information, much appreciated.
Amoura says that this clip is from Israeli tv that could be recorded in Lebanon back in the 80s. The song is Hajaleh. The blue costume is a classic Madame Abla. Vered passed away in a car crash in 1993 at the age of 23 on her way to a show.
This was recorded from tv onto a video cassette.  The cassette has been played dozens of times and now its been converted into MP4 for uploading to YT.  As a result the sound and picture quality is not what we would expect nowadays, but what the heck, this is history. Back then,these were all we had (thanks to the boys at Punchbowl) and we were grateful for them 🙂

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