Bery (1960) بيرى

This dancer is Bery (thank you Osama Salem and Karafantus) dancing in a scene from the comedy film ‘Shar assal basal’ (The Honeymoon Fell Flat) released in 1960. I’ve not seen her before.  Sigh, the music is wonderful isn’t it? Its a Mohamed Abdel Wahab tune “El Henna” which can be found on the old Digital Press Hellas press “Music of Mohammad Ebdel Wahab: Belly Dance”.
Nagwa Fouad also performs in this movie and her scene is a separate clip on this channel.  ‘Shar assal basal’ starred Ismail Yassine, Kariman amd Marie Mounib who were all members of Najib al Rihani’s troupe of actors, The dance tie-in is that Najib al Rihani was married to Badia Masabni the woman often credited with being the founder of ‘modern cabaret’ bellydance in Egypt in the 1930s-40s.

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