Nagwa Fouad (1967) نجوى فؤاد

Nagwa Fouad dances in a scene from the 1967 Egyptian comedy ‘Agazet Gharem’ (أجازة غرام). Dancing with her is Egyptian comedy actor Fuad al Mohandes. The film tells the story of Magdi and Leila played by al Mohandes and Shweiker. Leila is a doctor with a demanding obstetric practice, working long hours and Magdi feels neglected. Living next door are Elham and Sabri played by Nagwa Fouad and Salaah Nazmy. Sabri is often travelling, including on Elham’s birthday, and as a result she feels neglected. Long story short, there are unexpected returns, chases, disguises, cross dressing, disclosures and finally a happen ending. Also starring were Hussein Ismail, Ragaa Sadek, Samia Mohsen and Naima Wasfi.

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