Omar al Gizawy (1952) عمر الجيزاوي

This is Egyptian actor/singer/dancer Omar al Gizawy (1917-1983) performing in a scene from the 1952 film ‘El Zuhur el Fatina’ (Charming Flowers الزهور الفاتنة ) which starred Taheya Karioka and Faten Hamama.
Born as Sayed Omar Sayed Salem, Omar al Gizawy routinely played the part of a sweet, naïve country boy from the Saiid. Actors Mahmoud el Meliji (R) and Farid Shawki (L) are the two men at the bar in this scene. Also starring were Shokry Sarhan, Fardous Mohamed and Hussain Riad.


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