Samia Gamal (1961) سامية جمال‎

Samia Gamal in ‘Tariq al Shaytan’ (The Devil’s Road طريق الشيطان) a 1961 film in which she starred with her then husband Rushdi Abaza along with Farid Shawqi, Tawfiq al Deyn and Shweikar. Samia Gamal plays a dancer who’s married to a crooked card shark played by Abaza. If you don’t know him, he’s the actor with the moustache propping up the bar at the end of the clip.
Movie trivia: Taheya Karioka had previously been married to Rushdi Abaza but they were divorced and later he married Samia Gamal. His marriage to Samia lasted from 1958 to 1977. Abaza was a notorious womaniser, behaviour Samia Gamal was able to ignore until in 1977 she learnt that Abaza had secretly married the Lebanese singer Sabah. The Sabah-Abaza marriage ended within 7 days (some say 4 days) after the Lebanese singer found out that Abaza and Gamal were not yet divorced. It was a scenario worthy of any Hollywood celeb gossip magazine.

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