Samiha Tawfik (1954) توفيق سميحة

Samiha Tawfik dances in a scene from the 1954 Egyptian film titled ‘Al fares al aswad’ (The Black Knight الفارس الأسود). The film starred Kouka, Yehia Chahine and Farid Shawqi and was directed by Niazi Mostafa. There’s another scene from the same film with Nemat Mokhtar dancing also on this channel.
The film tells the story of a young Bedouin woman who works in a circus following the death of her parents. Eventually she returns to her tribe where she falls in love with the son of the headman but the tribe refuses to accept her. A war breaks out between her tribe and another and she assumes the identity of a masked knight dressed in black fighting in defence of her tribe. Her tribe win the war, her true identity is revealed and the head man gives his approval to the marriage.
The director of the film Niaza Mostafa went to Germany to train as an engineer but once there he quickly transferred to the Cinema Institute in Munich. After graduation as a filmmaker he worked on films in Germany and returned to Egypt in 1935.

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