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TheCaroVan’s YouTube channel is no more.  The channel featured short clips of bellydancers from the Middle East and occasionally singers, usually in scenes or clips taken from old Egyptian and Lebanese movies some as far back as the 1930s.  Full movies were never uploaded.
TheCaroVan YouTube account has been terminated after receiving copyright demands from companies and copyright organisations who claimed the ownership of some of the clips and/or the accompanying music.  While some of the claims were from entities who, after a minimal amount of research proved to be non-existent, some claims and organisations were legitimate and if you were a regular visitor to TheCaroVan you would have noticed that in the past, clips has been removed in compliance.
In the end, TheCarovan account was terminated due to a take-down notice by a company in France who claims to own the copyright to the 1955 Egyptian film ‘Sigarah wa Kas’ (A Glass and a Cigarette) which features dancing by Samia Gamal.  Interestingly enough there is at least one other company who claims to own the worldwide copyright of this same movie.
I removed the offending clip yesterday, immediately on receiving the notice, but that wasn’t good enough apparently and the account has been terminated.  As a result the channel and its research and information that more than 6,000,000 viewers had accessed, is now lost.
So, long story short, TheCaroVan is no more and I am now ‘An individual whose account has been closed [is] prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube account.’
Ah well, as someone who lives in the Middle East, as you can imagine, we have one or two other things to worry about at the moment…..

9 thoughts on “TheCaroVan YouTube channel

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  2. I can’t believe it. I just logged on to YouTube to get my weekly dose of Carovan videos and the channel was gone. It feels like someone burned all my books, a punch in the gut. Your channel was a precious cultural resource and a source of study and inspiration for me, an amateur dancer. I hope you find some sort of solution.

    Peace in the Middle East!

  3. what a tremendous resource! please, please, please: slowly and gradually I hope you can upload most of the material, once again. for someone from the U.S., it would not be possible for me to learn so much about the history of belly dance and so many of the famous and historically important performers. i was only just getting started watching, when your site was cancelled. thank you for what you have put on vimeo!

    • Thank you so much, its wonderful to know that dancers all over the world are enjoying the clips and seeing where we’ve come from. Its going to be a long job but I’ve started putting clips up on vimeo and hopefully it’ll last longer than YT.

      • well, the first thing i watched from your new channel was Howaida Hashem’s “Turkish drop,” and her whole performance on that video was truly inspiring. I am amazed by the communication between her and the musicians, and by the incredible intricacy, complexity and length of the complete choreography. I was imagining trying to accompany her, and it was truly daunting!!! Seeing the video really & truly gave me strength to continue in my own musical and dance work, in the hopes that i could one day achieve something 1/2 as remarkable…

        my next introduction was to Mona El Said, and your posting made me aware of her videos, some of which I was able to find in slightly better quality through other sources. There was, however, one clip which you had posted in much much much better quality than any of the alternate copies available elsewhere. Thank you!!! Anyway, Mona’s subtlety and beauty made me feel inspired all over again! Amazing that some of these performers can achieve such a degree of professionalism — their presentations are perfect and extremely sophisticated… these are artists of bona fide INTERNATIONAL stature…

        finally, i decided i needed to investigate Fifi Abdo, after having bought an excellent dumbek CD with her name on it (in addition to the performer’s name) many many years ago in Los Angeles… Thank you for your “early days” post regarding Fifi — WOW!!! I can see why she became a star. Its true that her repertoire of movements is much more limited — she never really uses her hands like Mona El Said, for example, but at the same time I can say that the movements she *does* perform are done with such vigor and joy, that I felt once again inspired…

        I have of course been reviewing — quickly at first, and then in more detail as time allows — all of the other things you’ve posted, especially the stuff in black and white. The earlier the better: 1940’s, 1930’s, etc!!! I was lucky enough to download a handful of videos from your previous site, prior to its demise, and I saw for example the clip where a smoker watches the smoldering lump of his “tobacco” turn into a beautiful dancer, haha, that was fantastic!!

        anyway thanks for everything and i look forward to watching more of your videos tonight as well as tomorrow. I still haven’t given a satisfactory viewing to everything you have re-posted thus far… so thank you!!!

      • Its such a thrill to hear that you’ve been able to see dancers that you hadn’t met before and having your feedback is a precious thing. I’m so happy to have introduced you to some of the best dancers. You’ve made my day. Thank you.

  4. I am deeply saddened that such a valuable resource and extremely well documented a credited archive has been destroyed. I wouldn’t have even known of the existence of any of the films in question had clips from them not been posted on your channel. An intelligent holder of copyrights should have realized this and appreciated the publicity! As someone who consulted your channel, sometimes daily, I hope that you find a way to continue to share your passion with the world. My most sincere appreciation for the work and the time you have given to us all! THANK YOU 🙂

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write, I am truly humbled. I have been overwhelmed by how much the channel meant to dancers all over the world. Why should we, of all people, miss out on having the knowledge of what and who has gone before us? Thank you for your kind thoughts and, as you can see, I’m back, though its going to be a looooong job. xxxx

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