Ragaa Youssef (1955)

Ragaa Youssef dances in a wedding scene from the 1955 film ‘Thawrat al Madina’ (Revolution City or A Town Revolts ثورة المدينة).
Despite the title the film has little to do with a city and even less to do with a revolution. It tells the story of Fatima, played by Sabah, who’s come to the conclusion that she, like her mother, will die in childbirth. This explains her anguish at her wedding shown in this scene. The film also starred Mohamed Fawzi who plays the groom Ahmed. Hussein Riad plays the father who plots to kill Ahmed and dies in the process. Wedad Hamdy plays the maid who, in this scene, breaks the news that the bride has ‘done a runner’. Happy ending though as Fatima and Ahmed are shown in the last scene, in the future, with their brood of children.


Syrian bellydancer Reem al Khayam

This is a performance by Syrian bellydancer Reem al Khayam filmed at the ‘Lord’ nightclub in Cairo many, many moons ago. Thanks to Samasen for the ID of the dancer.

Samia Gamal (1963)

Samia Gamal dances in a scene from the 1963 Egyptian film ‘Tarik al Shaytan’ (The Devil’s Road ) which starred Farid Shawki, Rushdi Abaza, Shweiker and Tawfik al Deqn.
Samia Gamal married Rushdi Abaza in 1958 and couple divorced in 1977. Rushdi Abaza must have liked bellydancers as he’d previously been married to Taheya Karioka.

Zeinat Olwi (1960)

Zeinat Olwi dances in a scene from the 1960 Egyptian movie ‘Ishaet Hob’ (Rumour of Love or Training for Love إشاعة حب) which starred Omar Sharif just before he hit the big time in Hollywood in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. Also starring were Soad Hosny, Youssef Wehbi, Hind Rostom and Abdel Monem Ibrahim.

Nagwa Found (1976) نجوى فؤاد

Nagwa Fouad in a scene from the 1976 film ‘Aalam Eyal Eyal’ (A World of Children – the word ‘eyal’ meaning children is repeated in the Arabic title as there are lots of them involved).  The film starred Rushdi Abaza, Samira Ahmed, Samir Sabri and Samir Ghanem and told the story of a lady with 8 kids who marries a man with 6 – or it could be the other way round – anyway, there are lots of children and the film tells the story of the resulting problems with a blended family.