Pot dance (1980)

Here’s an interesting one from the Syrian film, ‘Indama Taghib al Zawjat’ (When Wives are Awayعندما تغيب الزوجات).  There are several different release dates for the film but Lahham’s own website says 1980.  The troupe of dancers are performing an Egyptian/Reda style pot dance and the music is Egyptian. The film stars Syrian actors Duraid Lahham and Nihad Qali as Ghawwar and Husni, two characters they repeated in several films.  The movie tells the story of Ghawwar and Husni  who are two security guards at a museum.  While their wives are away, they are targeted by two attractive women who try to seduce them.  Ghawwar and Husni are unaware that the women are part of a gang of thieves who want to gain access to the museum to steal a valuable statue. Liz Sarkissian is the glamorous blonde in the red dress, she’s a Lebanese/Armenian actress who was known as ‘Eman’ when she worked in Egyptian films.

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