Farida Fahmy and Mahmoud Reda (1958)

Here we have Farida Fahmy and Mahmoud Reda dancing together in a scene from the 1958 Egyptian film ‘Saher al Nisaa’ (ساحر النساء ‘The Magician of Women’ but usually titled ‘The Charmer’ in English). Did you pick the music?
The film tells the story of Hamza played by Farid Shawki, who’s a criminal serving a sentence for armed robbery. Also in the same cell is his fellow robber Kawakibi played by Tawfik al Deqn. When Hamza is released from jail he uses the funds from the robbery to his own advantage and turns himself into a popular shaman-healer-therapist who lures gullible rich people, particularly women, into parting with their cash (and other things though that of course is only implied). Hind Rostom plays Aziza, one of his targets, you’ll see her in this scene drinking the drugged liquid. Eventually his cellmate is released, tracks him down and attempts to kill him. Long story short, Hamza is arrested and ends up back in the same cell he was in at the start of the film.

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