Nagwa Fouad (1958) نجوى فؤاد‎

Here’s a clip that’s almost got a life of its own. This is the famous, or should that be infamous scene  from the 1958 film ‘Al Malema’ (المعلمة) when Taheya Karioka slaps Nagwa Fouad. Nagwa Fouad is dancing to the song ‘Ay ya Zein’ (Oh, Beautiful) and plays the part of a prostitute in a local brothel being visited by Abbas and Hafez. Abbas is  played by Yehia Shaheen and his character is Karioka’s husband. Abbas’ visit is at the instigation of Hafez played by the ever evil Mahmoud al Meliji. Abbas is unaware that Hafez has designs on Taheya Karioka and is planning to drive the couple apart. Taheya Karioka arrives at the brothel and lets her displeasure be known!  The film also features a great performance by Mohamed Tawfik as Madbouli, a man whose drug addiction drives him to lose everything.
Trivia: Egyptian actor Mahmoud al Meliji (محمود المليجي‎) who plays Hafez in this film is best known for his roles as a film villain. Wanting a change, he played a ‘normal guy’ in a film and apparently the audiences complained because, right to the last minute, they were expecting his character to turn evil. When he didn’t, they felt let down. He said that, from that point, he decided to stick to what he was good at, which was playing the roles of evil rotters who’d cheat their own mothers to make a buck.

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