Soheir Zaki (1963) سهير زكي

Soheir Zaki dances in a ‘film within a film’ scene from the 1963 Egyptian movie ‘Aelit Zizi’ (Zizi’s Family عيلة زيزى) which starred Fouad al Mohandes, Soheir Ramzi and Ahmed Ramzy.  Zizi of the film’s title is a little girl played by Ekram Ezo (1951-2001) who introduces the audience to each of her family members.
Trivia: ‘Zizi’s Family’ was directed by Fatin Abdel Wahab who was married to singer/actress Leila Murad for 15 years. Their son Zaki is now a well known film director in Egypt. At one stage Fatin Abdel Wahab was also one of Tahiya Karioka’s 14 husbands but whether that was before, during or after his marriage to Leila Murad I can’t be sure.

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