Taheya Karioka (1956) كاريوكا‎ تحية

The 1956 film ‘Shabab Imra’a’ (‘A Woman’s Youth’ شباب امرأة or sometimes ‘The Leech’) starred Taheya Karioka, Shadia, Shukry Sarhan and Suraj Munir and told the story of Imam, a country boy (Sarhan) who travels to Cairo to finish his studies. He’s seduced by his landlady (Karioka) but over time he neglects his obligations to his family, his studies and even his religion. When he tries to end the relationship she attempts to force him to give up everything he believes in. She meets an extremely unpleasant death at the end of the film with the murderous assistance of veteran Egyptian actor Abdel Wares Asar.
In this scene Karioka dances for Imam, Sarhan’s character, then seduces him. There’s plenty of symbolism of consummation in the last scene!
According to the ‘Egypt Independent’, there was a dust-up between Karioka and Hollywood star Susan Hayward at the Cannes showing of ‘Shabab Imra’a’. A translated article says: “Famous for dazzling performance and dances, Taheya Karioka appeared in several Egyptian cinema classics. At the 1956 Cannes Film Festival, where Karioka’s movie was being screened, Karioka almost pounced on Hollywood star Susan Hayward after the latter made a comment against Egypt. The trembling Hayward fled just in time before Karioka could give her a severe beating. It is said that Karioka’s shoe went flying in the direction of Hayward, who deftly dodged it. The shoe ended up hitting one of the festival’s guests.”

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