Soheir Magdi (1964) سهير مجدى

The lovely Soheir Magdi dancing in a scene from the 1963 film ‘Aroos al Nil’ (Bride of the Nile عروس النيل) which starred Rushdi Abaza as Sami who’s an oil engineer, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim as his sidekick Fathi and Lubna Abdel Aziz as Hames, the ghostly reincarnation of the last Nile Bride.  Sami is employed to drill an oil well in the middle of the ruins in Luxor and is immediately beset by various problems manifested by Hames. Only Sami can see Hames so everyone around him thinks he’s going crazy. Eventually, though not unexpectedly, they fall in love (despite this wedding scene where Sami is marrying his boss’s daughter) and everything ends well, as it does in these movies.  Yes, unfortunately the clip is a bit dark, its not your computer 🙂
Background: The legend of the Bride of the Nile tells of an annual ceremony where a female virgin was thrown into the waters of the Nile to drown as a sacrificial offering to the river to bring on the flood season.

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