The Great Unknown (1961) ‘Nisf Azraa’

An uncredited dancer performs during a pre-wedding party from the 1961 film Nisf ‘Adhra’ (Part Virgin عذراء نصف)the title is also spelt “Nesf Azraa”. The dancer enters at 1:21. Any IDs please on who she is, someone ID’d her on TheCaroVan channel but the info was lost when the channel was terminated.
The film starred Zebeida Tharwat as Zainab, a troubled girl who starts sessions with Dr Anwar, played by Mohsen Sarhan, who’s a hypnotherapist and is also very evil. Dr Anwar uses his power to control Zainab as you’ll see towards the end of the clip where she suddenly acts like a zombie and walks out of her own party.
Moharram Fouad played Jalal, her intended.
Trivia: You’ll see there are only two gents permitted to attend this all-female party (a) a young child and (2) the blind singer.

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