Liz and Lyn Gamal (1954) ليز ولين

Egyptian bellydancer sisters Lys (Liz) and Lyn Gamal perform in a scene from the 1954 Egyptian movie ‘Al Anisa Hanafi’ (Miss Hanafi الآنسه حنفى ), In this scene comedian Ismail Yassin and Riyad al Qasabgi are enjoying a night out in a nightclub prior to Hanafi’s wedding.
Ismail Yassin plays the chauvinistic Hanafi who lives with his father (Abdel Fatah Al Kasri ), stepmother (the wonderful Zeinat Sedki) and cousin (Magda). His father forces him into a marriage of convenience with his cousin though she already loves someone else (Omar al Hariri). On the wedding night Hanafi complains of abdominal pain so he’s admitted to hospital and mistakenly undergoes a sex change. In this movie comedian Ismail Yassin uses cross dressing decades before Dustin Hoffman’s efforts in ‘Tootsie’.

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