The Great Unknown (1941)

An uncredited bellydancer performing with Mohamed Taha in a scene from the 1941 Egyptian film ‘Si Omar’ (Mr Omar سي عمر). The film starred Naguib el Rehani in the title role(s) of Gaber Afandi and his absent employer Omar al Alfi. Also starring were Seraj Munir, Stefan Rosti, Zuzu Shakib and Mary Munib.
This is a film adaptation of el Rehani’s 1938 stage play ‘Law Kont Heleiwa’ (If I was Handsome).

Hayatem (1980) هياتم

This is Hayatem dancing in a scene from the 1980 Egyptian film ‘El Banat Ayza Eh’ (What Girls Want). In this film she plays a bellydancer named Azza. The actor with Hayatem in this scene is Mahmoud Abdel Aziz playing Kamal who’s a serial womaniser.
Triva: In other versions of this film there’s a dance scene with her on stage with Ahmed Adaweya at a nightclub, but unfortunately that scene’s been cut from the tv version 😦

Zeinat Olwi (1956) زينات علوى

Bellydancer Zeinat Olwi performing with Farid al Atrache in a scene from the 1956 film ‘Waddat Hobbak’ (Goodbye My Love ودعت حبك).  The film also starred Ahmed Ramzy, Abdul Salam al Nabulsi, Tawfiq Al Deqn, Riad Algosby and Shadia. The film was directed by Youssef Chahine.

Taheya Karioka (1946) تحية كاريوكا

Here we have Egyptian bellydancer Taheya Karioka in a scene from the 1946 film ‘Lea’bet al Set’ (The Lady’s Puppet لعبة الست ). She is dancing to the song ‘Taht al Shabbak’ which is being sung by Aziz Osman. The song has become very popular with bellydancers nowadays thanks to its use by Egyptian bellydancer Dina. The film tells the story of Taheya Karioka’s character, Lea’ba (hence the film’s title, which is a play on her name as Lea’bet can also mean a puppet or a game). Lea’ba and Hassan (Naguib al Rihani)are in a relationship until Lea’ba has the opportunity to become a film star. The film also starred Marie Munib, Abdel Fattan al Kossary and Hassan Fayek.

Nagwa Fouad (1960) فؤاد نجوى

Nagwa Fouad dances in another scene from the 1960 Egyptian film ‘Ihtares min al Hob’ (Farewell to Love وداعا يا حب). The singer with her is Muharam Fuad. The film also starred Mariam Fakhr El Din, Khalil Bader El Dein and Wedad Hamdi.

Howaida al Hashem هويدا الهاشم

Lebanese bellydancer Howaida Hashem wearing what’s come to be known, rightly or wrongly, as her “Cowboy Costume”.  The costume itself seems to be very polarising: some dancers love it  while others hate it, particularly the leggings.
This is another classic clip via the boys at Starlight Videos in Australia.