Nemat Mokhtar (1955) نعمت مختار

Nemat Mokhtar dances in a scene from a 1955 Egyptian film ‘Ismail Yassin meets Raya and Sekina” ( إسماعيل يس يقابل ريا وسكينة ) which starred Ismail Yassin, Negma Ibrahim, Zouzou Hamdy El Hakim, Abdel Fattah Qasri and Riyad El Kasabgy.  The film is (very) loosely based on the true story of Raya and Sekina, two women who, with the aid of their husbands Hasaballah and Abdel Al, killed at least 17 women in the poorest part of Alexandria, Egypt in the early 1920s. In this film Ismail and his fiancée accidently end up in the house of Raya and Sekina. He escapes and goes to the police but they don’t believe him and throw him into jail where he meets one of the gang who agrees to help him. They go to Raya and Sekina’s house and at the end of the film the police arrest the gang.
If you’re interested in the background of the true story, check out the archives of ‘Al Ahram’ Weekly
Trivia: The name of the newspaper, ‘Al Ahram’ means ‘the pyramids’ in Arabic.

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