Kristo Kladakis (1958) خريستو كلاداكيس

Kristo Kladakis and an unnamed partner dance (ID anyone?) in a scene from the 1958 Egyptian film ‘Al Zawja Al Azraa’ (The Virgin Wife الزوجة العذراء) starring Faten Hamama (Mona), Ahmad Mazhar (Magdi) and Emad Hamdy (Fuad). Mona and Magdi get married despite Magdi suffering from sexual dysfunction which Mona doesn’t know about. She fairly quickly realises that the marriage is irretrievable, meanwhile Magdi thinks she’s having an affair with Fuad so he changes his will and then dies suspiciously. Fuad is accused of Magdi’s murder but long story short, Mona’s mother played by Zuzu Maadi did it to ensure that Magdi’s money went to her daughter. Which it didn’t because he’d already changed his will, but there you are…..

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