Madiha Kamal (1990) مديحة كامل

Just when you thought that you’d seen everything in the way of bedlah (and who could forget Nagwa’s lobster costume?) along comes the costume designer for the 1990 Egyptian film ‘Shawader’(شوادر). “Yikes” just doesn’t do it justice does it? Who thought of the green pixie boots?
This is actress Madiha Kamal who plays the title role as Shawader, a bellydancer who’s set her sights on the wealthy, elderly gent Abdel Gawad (Kamal al Shinnawi) despite the fact that he’s already married and has adult children. He divorces his wife who then dies of a broken heart, then he marries Shawader. His children attempt to poison her but Abdel Gawad eats the poisoned dish.

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