Azza Sharif (عزة شريف) and Souad Hosni (1972)

Azza Sharif and Souad Hosni in a scene from the 1972 film ‘Khali Balak min Zuzu’ (Take care of Zuzu) which is the title of the song they’re singing. The male singer is Shafik Galal, the woman in gold dancing is Nabila al Sayed and Souad Hosni is the female singer in pink in the first scene.  The lady in black playing zills is Egyptian bellydance legend Tahiya Karioka. The film tells the story of Zuzu, a young woman played by Hosni who’s at university by day but works as a singer and dancer in her mother’s troupe by night.  Her work as an entertainer is a shameful secret.
So, what’s the story about? Zuzu falls in love with her professor and he breaks off his engagement to be with Zuzu.  His former fiancee discovers that Zuzu is a bellydancer and hires Zuzu’s mum’s troupe for a big party at which Zuzu and her professor will be guests.  Zuzu arrives, the troupe enters to perform, there’s mutual recognition, Zuzu’s mother collapses there horror all round and Zuzu dances.  The professor has to do some soul searching, he decides he loves her anyway, final dance number and general happiness ensues.
Trivia: The title of the film is based on a common Egyptian colloquial expression ‘Khali balak min nafsak’ in English we might say ‘Take care of yourself’.


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