Taheya Karioka كاريوكا‎ تحية and Fairouz Arteen فيروز (1951)

From the 1951 Egyptian film ‘Fairouz Hanem’ (Lady Fairouz فيروز هانم) starring Stefan Rosti and Taheya Karioka. Playing the title role in the film is the incredibly talented child star Fairouz Arteen.  This scene starts with Fairouz wearing a melaya and singing of the virtues of the melaya and burqa.  She reappears dressed as a boy while Taheya Karioka performs.  In the second scene, the setting is a bar, Taheya Karioka dances while Fairouz plays the riq as a member of the band.  As you can see, there was no need for the saccahrine cuteness that accompanied many child stars as Fairouz had real talent!
Trivia:  Fairouz Arteen is the cousin of actress/bellydancer Lebleba and the younger sister of film actress Nelly.

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