Bellydancers (1944)

From the 1944 Egyptian film ‘Al Bouassa’ ( البؤساء ) which is an Arabic language adaptation of Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’. The film starred Abbas Feras, Seraj Munir and Amina Rizk and was directed by Kamal Selim. Unfortunately I have no names for any of the dancers though the dancer on the left may be Gina.
In this adaptation of Les Miserables, Jean Valjean is renamed El Sharkawi/Sherif Pasha while Javert becomes Colonel Fahune. The author of ‘History of the Cinema in Egypt’, Prof. Galal al Sharkawy says, “The social injustice suffered by Jean Valjean is identical with that borne by millions of Egyptians who also suffer from poverty, ignorance, and sickness.”
Trivia: Samia Gamal appears in this film as a singer.

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