Farid al Atrache (1975) فريد الأطرش‎‎

This is Farid al Atrache in a scene from his final movie, ‘Nagham Fi Hayati’ (Songs of My Life نغم في حياتي). The film was released in December 1975 and he starred in it along with Mervat Amin and Hussein Fahmy. Farid al Atrache died in Beirut, Lebanon in October 1975.
Trivia: Farid al Atrache’s sister was Asmahan (Amal al Atrache) who possessed the most divine singing voice and was considered to be one of the few singers who could compete with Umm Kalthum. Sadly Asmahan died in suspicious circumstances in Mansoura (about 100kms from Cairo) in 1944.

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