Dancer and singer (1985)

A young dancer and singer in a wedding scene from the 1985 film ‘Al Sayed Keshta’ (السيد قشطة). The groom’s very possessive of his new wife and has already taken a swipe at one young man before the bride tells him the youth is her brother! The bride and groom aren’t leading characters in the film which is a drama with a sad ending.
Veteran Egyptian actor Adel Adham stars in the title role as the elderly Sayed Keshta (also spelt ‘Sayyed Qeshta’) along with Soheir al Babli, Elham Shaheen and Sayed Zayan.
Trivia: The film’s title, Al Sayed Keshta, translates literally, as ‘Mr Cream’. These are also the words used as the Egyptian Arabic name for a hippopotamus. Other Arabic speakers use the words ‘فرس النهر’ meaning a river horse, others say ‘river dog’. A local friend confessed to never having had to say the word in their entire life and if, in the future, they ever had to use the word, they’d just say ‘hippo’ 🙂

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