The Great Unknown, uncredited dancers (1952)

This scene is from the 1952 Egyptian film ‘The Road of Happiness’ (Kadem al Khair قدم الخير) which starred Shadia, Ismail Yassin, Mahmoud al Meliji, Mohamed Salman and Gamalat Zayed. The dancer in the dark coloured baladi dress is Ellen Deatto.
Trivia: Also appearing in the film is Olwiyya Gamil who was the spouse of legendary Egyptian actor Mahmoud al Meliji from 1939 until his death in 1983….despite his 3 day marriage in 1963 to an aspiring actress.

2 thoughts on “The Great Unknown, uncredited dancers (1952)

    • Indeed no, it was certainly not uncommon in Egyptian films of the time. You’ll find Samia Gamal wearing it (along with a grass skirt for some reason) in one of her dance scenes.

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