Bellydancers, dancing horse, shamadan (1987)

This clip comprises 3 scenes from ‘Wa Yabqa al Hobb’ (Love will Remain ويبقى الحب), a 1987 film starring Farid Shawki, Soheir Ramzi, Miriam Fakhreddine and Saudi actor Fuad  Baksh.  Many scenes in this movie were filmed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
The first scene in this clip is set at an Egyptian wedding.  The entertainment starts with a dancing horse. A bellydancer follows and you’ll notice that the editing of her performance is haphazard; at first she has a veil, then she drops the veil and has a cane, suddenly she’s back to a veil, then she has the cane again.  To follow the story, Fuad Bakhsh, the man next to Farid Shawki, has spotted Soheir Ramzi’s character and has made eye contact with her.  She is smiling but is being coy.
The next scene is a zaffa (wedding procession) of the main characters played by Ms Ramzi and Mr Baksh. There are two bellydancers, one wearing a shamadan.  The bride is wearing what is possibly one of the worst bridal headwear pieces ever, it looks more suited to Star Trek. Anyway, moving along to the final scene which is set at the Saudi wedding reception of the groom in the previous scene. In this scene he’s wearing a dishdash and dark bisht.  As you’ll see this is an all male function.  The singer/oud player in this scene is Talal Salama who became very popular in Saudi after recording the theme song for the Saudi soccer team.

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