Shweiker (1970) شويكار

This is Egyptian singer/dancer/actress Shweiker dancing in a ‘film within a film’ scene from the 1970 Egyptian film ‘Saffah al Nisa’. In Arabic the film title is سفاح النساء which means ‘a serial killer of women’. A local friend tells me that the word ‘saffah’ has changed its meaning in Arabic over the centuries and now holds negative connotations. The film title in English could be something like ‘The Ladykiller’?
The film stars Shweiker as Sawsan and her then husband Fuad al Mohandes as Mohsen.  Also starring are Mohamed Reda, Tawfik al Deqn and Hassan Zayed . In this scene FaM is the drummer on the end of the row wearing dark glasses and a knitted beanie.
How to pronounce her name? Many here say it as ‘shoe – week- r’.

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