Nariman Aboud (Lebanon) ناريمان عبود

This is Lebanese bellydancer Nariman Aboud in her heyday wearing one of her trademark ‘criss-cross’ costumes.  A very popular dancer in the Levant, Neriman was originally spotted by Lebanese singer Melhem Baraket and her career started from there.  Later she married singer Wissam al Amir and retired from public performing in the early 2000s to take care of their two children.  In 2011 there was talk of her returning to the dance scene but aside from hitting the dance floor in Jouneih this doesn’t seem to have happened.

Taheya Karioka (1949) كاريوكا تحية

Taheya Karioka performs in a scene from the 1949 Egyptian film ‘Manadil al Helou’ (The Beauty’s Veil منديل الحلو). The film starred Taheya, along with Mahmoud El Meligi, Marie Munib, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Aziza Mohamed.

Samia (1977) سامية

This is a scene from the 1977 Egyptian drama ‘Al Hob fi Tariq Masdoud’ (literally, ‘love at an impasse (or in a cul-de-sac or deadlocked)’ الحب في طريق مسدود). The film starred Hussein Fahmi, Amal Ramzi and Noura. The dancer is listed as ‘Samia’ and this seems to be the only film she made.

Salwa Sami and Katkouta (1957)

Shadia is the singer in this scene from the 1957 Egyptian drama ‘Lawahez’ (لواحظ). The two dancers are Salwa Sami (سلوى سامى) and Katkouta (قطقوطة). The film starred Shadia, Zozo Nabil, Kamal el Shennawi and Abdel Menam Ibrahim and was written by Mohammed Mustafa Samy.
The film tells the complex story of a nightclub entertainer named Lawahez (Shadia) whose parents are both in jail. She is shocked to learn that Azab, the man she thought was her father, is not.  This is lucky as he’s evil and is sending her threatening letters from jail. She reports this to the police and the officer she tells just happens to be the son of her real father’s second wife. (ie Her real father is his stepfather….like I said, its complex!) The officer decides the only way to save Lawahez from the nightclub world is to bring her home to work as a maid for her real father. She accepts the offer and eventually she and the officer fall in love. Meanwhile Azab, her stepfather, gets out of prison and goes looking for her. He breaks into her real father’s home and demands that she be returned to him but her real father refuses. The second wife then learns that the girl has worked in a nightclub and throws her out. The stepfather and his gang go to the nightclub and kidnap Lawahez. The stepfather tries to rape her but she resists and in the struggle she stabs him to death just when the officer arrives to save her.

Najwa Sultan and Azza Sharif (1977)

The two dancers in this clip are Najwa Sultan (نجوى سلطان) and Azza Sharif (عزة شريف) in a scene from the 1977 film ‘Ah Ya Leil Ya Zaman’ (آه يا ليل يا زمن).
The singer with the gorgeous voice is the late Warda Al Jazairia who played the leading role in the film.  Adel Adham and Samir Ghanem are the two men sitting on the pink sofa in the clip.
The song in this clip, ‘Leil Ya Layali’ was composed by Baligh Hamdi who was Warda’s second husband.   Warda plays Faten, the daughter of a rich man, who learns on his death that all his assets have been lost and she blames the man who tells her the bad news.  She travels to Paris, finds work as a dental nurse and turns to singing. As a singer, she is (of course) a great success and falls in love with the dentist who’s already married. Long story short, the dentist goes back to his wife and Warda’s character continues with her singing career.

Sahar Hamdi (1992) سحر حمدي

Egyptian bellydancer Sahar Hamdi in a beach scene from the 1992 Egyptian film ‘Al Mushaghiboun fi Nuweiba’.(المشاغبون فى نويبع ) which also starred Samira Sedki, Gamal Ismail and comedian Saeed Saleh who’s the man wearing shorts in this scene with Sahar. The film tells the story of three young men returning from their military training. They meet three women who persuade them to work for their father in the seaside town of Nuweiba. Sahar Hamdi dances to one of her signature songs ‘Si Abdo’ originally sung by Samir Ali. ‘Si Abdo’ was regarded as quite a naughty song, I’m told it was banned in Egypt at one time. The song’s risqué reputation is more for what it *doesn’t* say rather that what it does!

The Great Unknown (1984)

Both of the following scenes are from the 1984 Egyptian film ‘Naema Fakha Muharama’ (Naema, the Forbidden Fruit  نعيمة فاكهة محرمة ).The clip starts with the best piece of villanish mustache twirling in years. The actor is Said Saleh and his shisha guy is played by Younes Shalaby.  This is followed by a scene in the local hammam (bath house) for the bride’s pre-wedding bath (hammam al arous).  There are very few of these old style bath houses operating in Cairo now. Later in the clip there’s a zar.

Shweiker (1970) شويكار

This is Egyptian singer/dancer/actress Shweiker dancing in a ‘film within a film’ scene from the 1970 Egyptian film ‘Saffah al Nisa’. In Arabic the film title is سفاح النساء which means ‘a serial killer of women’. A local friend tells me that the word ‘saffah’ has changed its meaning in Arabic over the centuries and now holds negative connotations. The film title in English could be something like ‘The Ladykiller’?
The film stars Shweiker as Sawsan and her then husband Fuad al Mohandes as Mohsen.  Also starring are Mohamed Reda, Tawfik al Deqn and Hassan Zayed . In this scene FaM is the drummer on the end of the row wearing dark glasses and a knitted beanie.
How to pronounce her name? Many here say it as ‘shoe – week- r’.