Katkouta (1970)

This is bellydancer Katkouta dancing in a scene from the 1970 film ‘Al Hob al Khabir’ (Big Love الحب الكبير ) which starred Farid al Atrache, Yousef Wehbi, Abdel Salem al Nabulsi and Faten Hamama.

Naima Akef retrospective عاكف‎ نعيمة

The commentary of this retrospective of the career of Egyptian bellydancer and actress Naima Akef (1929-1966) is in Arabic but even if you’re not an Arabic speaker, the pictures and clips give an overview of her movie career. It covers many of her most famous dance scenes including ‘Tamr Henna’ in Part 2. If you follow old time Egyptian movies you see famous Egyptian comedienne Zeinat Sedki playing the riq as part of the band in the ‘Tamr Henna’ scenes.
(One day I’ll have the time to do a translation but unfortunately I can’t see it being any time soon.)


Nadia Gamal نادية جمال (1968)

This 1968 film is named after the hero of the piece, a Robin Hood-like character named ‘Saqr al Arab’ (Arabian Falcon). In this scene Nadia Gamal plays a bellydancer who’s been hired to poison the Emir (in the white turban). After finishing her dance, she pours the poisoned wine into a goblet which she offers to the Emir. He raises the cup to drink but is saved by the Arabian Falcon who leaps through a window and knocks it out of his hand.

Nagwa Fouad (1965)

This is Egyptian bellydancer Nagwa Fouad in a scene from the 1965 film ‘Al Moshagheboun’ (The Troublemakers/Hooligans المشاغبون) which starred Rushdi Abaza, Nelly, Mahmoud al Meliji and Tawfik al Deqn. The film tells the story of a huge sum of money that is stolen from an Egyptian criminal and the crime leader’s attempt to find those responsible.

Souad Hosni and Taheya Karioka (1972)

This is the pivotal scene in the 1972 film ‘Khali balek min Zouzou” which starred Soad Hosni as Zouzou, a girl who’s a university student by day but a paid dancer and singer by night. Her life as an entertainer is a shameful secret and she hides it. Hussein Fahmy plays her professor/lover.  In this scene, the dance troupe led by Zouzou’s mother is performing at a wedding party attended by Zouzou (in red) and her lover.  The part of Zouzou’s mother is played by legendary Egyptian bellydancer Taheya Karioka and the singer in this clip is Shafik Galal.  Zouzou has no idea that her lover’s scheming former fiancee has hired Zouzou’s mother’s troupe.  General shock all round and Zouzou dances when her mother is unable to continue.