Dancers and singer (1946)

The setting is a wedding in a scene from the 1946 Egyptian film ‘Al mughani al maghool’ (The Unknown Singer المغني المجهول).  The film starred Mohammed Al Kahlawi as Mohamed the unknown singer of the title. Also starring were Amira Amir, Hassan Fayek and Shekuku.

The Great Unknown (1960)

Any IDs for this bellydancer please? Suggestions so far have included “Zeinat Olwi wearing a wig”.  The scene is from the 1960 Egyptian film ‘Three Men and a Woman’ (Thalath (Talata) Regal wa Imra’a  ثلاثة رجال وإمرأة).  The film starred Lebanese diva Sabah along with Kamal al Shinnawi, Souad Hosni, Ahmed Farag and Abdel Salem al Nabulsi.

Zizi Mustafa (1983) زيزى مصطفى

Zizi Mustafa dances in a scene from the 1983 Egyptian comedy film ‘Massoud Saeed Leh?’ (Why’s Massoud Happy? مسعود سعيد ليه). The singer is Fatma Eid (فاطمة عيد). The film starred Wahed Seif, Said Saleh and Essad Younes and tells the story of Massoud a poor man who finds a large sum of money in a bag, returns it and is rewarded. The owner of the money is murdered and the money is stolen. Massoud was the last person seen with the victim etc but it all ends happily.

Hager Hamdi (1946) هاجر حمدي

This is bellydancer Hagar Hamdi dancing in a scene from the 1946 Egyptian film ‘Al mughani al maghool’ (The Unknown Singer المغني المجهول) which starred Mohammed Al Kahlawi, Shekuku, Hassan Fayak and Aziza Amir.
Many thanks to Osama Salem for the ID.

Katy كيتي

Katy (her name is also spelt in English as Kitty, Keti and Katie) was born in 1927 in Alexandria, Egypt to a Greek father and Egyptian mother. The male singer who is playing the part of the magician is Mahmoud Shekuku who was usually known by just his family name. Can anyone ID the movie please?
Katy returned to live in Athens in 1965 following a scandal in Egypt which involved her affair with a man named Refaat al Gammal who proved to be an Israeli double agent.
Trivia: Refaat al Gammal loved acting and appeared in small roles in several Egyptian movies.

Taheya Karioka (1942) كاريوكا تحية

Legendary bellydancer Taheya Karioka performs in a scene from the 1942 Egyptian film ‘Aheb al Ghalat’ (I Like Mistakes أحب الغلط) which starred Anwar Wajdi, Hussein Sidqi, Fardous Mohammad and Ismail Yassin.
Taheya plays a dancer named Badawia who falls in love with Alawi (Sidqi), a rich man’s son who’s trying to be successful in his own right as a music composer. The father refuses his son’s request to marry the dancer. Subsequently the father has a heart attack and is nursed back to health by the dancer. Badawia tells Alawi that she has fallen in love with someone else but the father realises what a good hearted person she is and then he gives his consent to his son and the dancer to marry.

Berlanti Abdel Hamid (1960) برلنتي عبد الحميد‎

Berlanti Abdel Hamid is the dancer in this clip from the 1960 film ‘Nida’a al ‘ushaq’ (The Lovers’ Call نداء العشاق). She’s dancing during the opening credits and again with a cane in a scene from later in the film. Berlanti was an actress more than a dancer, usually playing the part of an seductress. Directed by Youssef Chahine, the film tells the story of Ward (Rose), played by Berlanti, who runs away from her village after witnessing a murder. She starts working in a cotton factory and falls in love with a co-worker named Abdo (Shukry Sarhan). It all goes wrong and they are both die at the hand of the evil Metwali played by Farid Shawqi. (He’s the shifty looking guy shown at the end of the clip.) Berlanti certainly had a colourful life off stage! She was married to Abdel Hakim Amer the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Army who was for several years the first Vice President to Gamal Nasser. The Chief of Staff had the power to rule Egypt should the President be unable to do so. Field Marshall Amer’s career came to end after the 6 Day War in 1967 and he died the same year after being arrested for allegedly plotting a coup to overthrow Nasser. Some say he committed suicide while others, including Berlanti, say he was poisoned by government agents. In the early 2000’s she was involved in a public slanging match with the team who proposed making a movie, ‘Al Rais wa’al Muhir’ (The President and the Marshal) based on her late husband’s life. The script was rejected by Egypt’s censors in 2004 who claimed that permission had to be granted by military intelligence who had previously rejected the script. In 2009 the production company obtained a Court ruling that overturned the censor’s decision and the project was approved. I haven’t found any info on whether, in the end, the film was made.
In 2000 an Israeli tv programme alleged that Berlanti along with three other Egyptian actresses (Hind Rostom, Nadia Lofti and Mariam Fakhreddin) had worked for the Israeli secret service Mossad. The claims were strenuosuly denied.
Berlanti Abdel Hamid died in December 2010.

Nadia al Gendi (1981) نادية الجندي

Actress Nadia al Gendi dances in a scene from the 1981 film ‘Ana al Magnoun’ (I’m the mad (as in crazy) one انا المجنون) which also starred Farid Shawki (the man in the suit watching her) and Adel Adham.