Nagwa Fouad (1968) نجوى فؤاد‎

These are the opening credits from the 1968 Egyptian film ‘Ibn al Hitta’ (‘Local Boy’ ابن الحتة)  featuring Egyptian bellydancer Nagwa Fouad. In this film Nagwa Fouad plays the dancer girlfriend of Farid, a famous movie star. Farid is killed in a car crash and his place is taken by Ashour the local bike repair man. Both the film star and Ashour are played by Farid Shawki the only difference being that the film star has a moustache and his doppleganger Ashour doesn’t. Ashour’s family, including his fiancée (Zahraat al Ola) and his blind, widowed mother are told that it was Ashour, not Farid the film star, who’d died in the fiery inferno and they go into mourning.
Life as a famous movie actor is not easy for Ashour. He doesn’t fit in and finds that he isn’t comfortable in the world of film stars, being happy to spend his evenings having supper on his apartment landing with the local boys. Also he’s fighting off Nagwa Fouad! To complicate things further, his fiancée (who thinks he’s dead) gets a job on the movie set as an extra.
Anyway, long story short, there’s a happy ending.

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