Samia Gamal (1953) جمال‎ سامية

Legendary Egyptian bellydancer Samia Gamal performs in a scene from the 1953 Egyptian drama ‘Ketar al Layl’ (The Night Train قطار الليل ) which also starred Emad Hamdi, Stefan Rosti and Seraj Mounir. Emad Hamdi is the man in the trenchcoat in this scene.
Movie trivia: The lead male actor, Emad Hamdi, was married to singer Shadia and later to actress/dancer Nadia al Jundi. He was a busy man as he was also married to bellydancer Houriya Mohamed at one time.  Maybe he liked trains too as, along with this film ‘The Night Train’, he also starred in ‘Sayyedet Al Ketar’ (The Lady of the Train) in 1952 and ‘Ketar Al Neel’ (The Nile Train) in 1953.

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