Taheya Karioka (1942) كاريوكا تحية

Legendary bellydancer Taheya Karioka performs in a scene from the 1942 Egyptian film ‘Aheb al Ghalat’ (I Like Mistakes أحب الغلط) which starred Anwar Wajdi, Hussein Sidqi, Fardous Mohammad and Ismail Yassin.
Taheya plays a dancer named Badawia who falls in love with Alawi (Sidqi), a rich man’s son who’s trying to be successful in his own right as a music composer. The father refuses his son’s request to marry the dancer. Subsequently the father has a heart attack and is nursed back to health by the dancer. Badawia tells Alawi that she has fallen in love with someone else but the father realises what a good hearted person she is and then he gives his consent to his son and the dancer to marry.

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