Nahed Sherif (1974) ناهد شريف

Actress Nahed Sherif (1942-1981) dances in a scene from the 1974 joint Syrian/Egyptian film ‘Emraa Haraah’ (Confused Woman إمرأة حائرة ). The film also starred Sharifa Fadel, Nour al Sherif, Syrian actor Fathi Abdul Latif and former Miss Lebanon, Nadia Arslan.

Hager Hamdy (1949) هاجر حمدي

Hager Hamdy performs in a scene from the 1949 film ‘Gawaher’ (Jewel جواهر) which starred Mahmoud al Meliji, Hind Rostom, Kitty and Ismail Yassin.  The film’s title can also be spelt ‘Jawaher’.

Riri (1958)

This is dancer/actress Riri performing in a scene from the 1958 Egyptian drama ‘Touha’ (توحة). The singer with her is Mohamed Abdul Muttalib who like so many others, started his career working as an entertainer in the nightclub of Badia Masabni.
The film starred Hind Rostom in the title role, she’s the woman putting on mascara in this clip. Also starring were Mohsen Sarhan (the man on the balcony) and Abdel Moneim Ismail.

Naima Akef (1952) نعيمة عاكف‎

Naima Akef dances in a scene from the 1952 Egyptian film ‘Al Nimr’ (The Tiger النمر). The film tells the story of Darwish (Zaki Rostom) a nightclub owner who is nice to those around him but is in fact, a drug runner codenamed ‘Tiger’. Naima Akef plays his daughter Faten. The film also starred Lola Sedki as Huda, Farid Shawki as Afifi and Anwar Wajdi as Salah, the policeman.


Nemat Mokhtar (1954) نعمت مختار

Nemat Mokhtar dances in a scene from the 1954 Egyptian drama ‘Qaryat al Usshaq’ (Village Lovers قرية العشاق) which starred Yehia Shahine and Magda.
Nemat Mokhtar’s film career including appearances in around 40 movies. She retired in the mid 1970s to focus on raising her family. She died in 1989 at the age of 57.

Zeinat Sedki زينات صدقي – a retrospective (Part 2)

This is the second part of a retrospective in Arabic of the career of Egyptian comedienne Zeinat Sedki. If you’re interested in the history of Egyptian cinema, Zeinat Sedki and the actors she worked with are an integral part of that development.   I’ll put up a translation eventually 🙂 Born Zeinab Mosaad in Alexandra, Egypt in 1913, she attended school for only a short time as her father considered a rudimentary education to be sufficient for his daughters.  At 15 she was married but the marriage didn’t last long.  Following her divorce she earned a living by dancing at weddings but her family didn’t approve so she fled to Syria.  On her return she met Najuib al Rihani and joined his troupe. He also changed her name from Zeinab with a ‘b’ to Zeinat with a ‘t’ to avoid confusion with a well known actress.  She became a regular face on Arabic movie screens appearing with Yousef Wehbi and often with Ismail Yassine.  Unfortunately in her later years she had little work and as a result, disappeared from the screen.  Zeinat Sedki died in 1978.
Dancers will recognise Naima Akef and Fairouz Arteen in several of the clips in this second part of a retrospective of Zeinat Sedki. (سوف الراقصات الاعتراف نعيمة عاكف وفيروز  في العديد من مقاطع في هذا الجزء الثاني من معرض استعادي لمهنة الكوميدية المصرية زينات صدقي.)