Elham Shahen and Poussy (1996)

Now that I’ve seen this clip from the 1996 drama ‘Al Jintl’ I’ll never complain about a tough audience again! The film starred Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (the modern actor not the singer from the 40s), Mohamed Saad, Fouad Khalil and Elham Shahen and tells the story of two sisters. The man fancies one sister, she doesn’t fancy him her sister does. Trouble follows. In this scene Mahmoud Abdel Aziz arrives to help the sisters played by Poussy in blue and Elham Shahen in red. Thank you to Osama Salem for the ID.  Both Poussy and Elham Shahen are actresses who dance only when the part they’re playing requires it. In this scene, one of them says “You’ve saved us” or something like that. The dancers know that he’s not a singer but they introduce him to the hostile crowd as a famous singer on the tv and radio. He has to make up the words to the song and you’ll hear the band repeating them. He sings “World, why is your face upside down?” and then the camera pans along the faces in the crowd. He sings, “Son of Adam, happiness is not forever” and once he says that, you just know something bad’s going to happen! I think he says something about shots firing (ayarr?) and sure enough they do.

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