Beba Ibrahim (1953) ببا إبراهيم

This is Egyptian bellydancer Beba Ibrahim in a scene from the 1953 Egyptian drama “A’isha”(عائشة) which starred Zahrat El Ola and Faten Hamama. The film also starred Zaki Rostom who was one of the best cinema ‘baddies’ ever.
The film tells the story of A’isha, a poverty stricken girl who sells lottery tickets for a living. A rich man spots her as she bears an uncanny likeness to his recently deceased daughter. The poor girl is adopted by the rich man who pays her heavy drinking father a monthly fee in return.  When the father finds out how rich the man really is, he tries to blackmail him but ends up in jail for his trouble. On release the father tries to extort money from the rich man who refuses to pay so the father kidnaps A’isha.  The film ends happily as A’isha is rescued and at the end of the film she marries Dr Sami, her true love.

Thanks to Osama for the dancer ID.

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