Dancers in ‘Haram Alyek’ (1954)

This scene is from the 1954 Egyptian film ‘Haram Aleyk’ (حرام عليك) which has been described on one website as “…probably the worst comedy/horror film ever made.”  Never mind, we’re only here for the dancing aren’t we? In the credits in Arabic the dancers are identified as ‘The German International Ballet’. Can anyone ID the dancer/s please?
The English subtitled version of the film ‘Haram Alyek’ causes some confusion as its been released with several different titles and release dates. Its been released with the title ‘Shame on You’ (a translation of the Arabic title and the way the phrase would be used in Arabic) but its also circulated as ‘Ismael Yassin Meets Frankenstein’ and ‘Ismael and Abdel Meet Frankenstein’.
The film starred Ismael Yassin along with Abdel Fattah al Kasri, Lola Sedki, Sana Jamal and Estefan Rosti who, as usual, plays the ‘baddie’. In this film he’s a magician who secretly plans to do a brain transplant between his monster and Ismael Yassin.
Trivia 1: Kiwis will be interested to know that in the 1964 Hammer film version titled ‘The Evil of Frankenstein’ the Monster was played by a wrestler from the Banks Peninsula named Ernie Kingston.(‘Fight Times’ website)
Trivia 2: Despite common use, ‘Frankenstein’ isn’t the monster’s name. Doctor Frankenstein was the creator of the monster. The monster itself is never referred to as anything other than, among other epithets, ‘creature’, ‘fiend’, ‘demon’, ‘wretch’, ‘devil’ and ‘thing’. While the monster refers to himself as “the Adam” of the doctor’s creation, ‘Adam’ is meant in a first born sense not as the monster’s personal name.

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