Dance from the Silk Road (3) (Spoon Dance)

This is the Bukhorcha Ensemble performing in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. The description of the Bukhorcha Ensemble from the Katara* website here in Doha, Qatar is: “The main purpose of “Bukhorcha” ensemble is to study and disseminate national classical vocal – instrumental music, dance art, and folkloric melodies and songs performed in certain traditional ceremonies. The ensemble’s repertoire includes music and dance samples typical to Bukhara and those representing Khorezm, Fergana, and the Muslim Orient. Such music and dance works as “Women Embroiderers,” “The Spring of Bukhara,” “Takhayyul,” “Tanovor,” “Sallamno,” “Javoniy,” “Karashma,” “Nozanin,” “Orazibon,” and “Musiqiy Guldasta (The Musical Bouquet)” are also part of the ensemble’s repertoire. Intricate dance movements, for example, “Charkh (Rotation),” “Charkhi Du Zonu (Rotation on Knees),” “Mor Pechon (dance form resembling a snake),” and “Bedona Qadam (Quail Walk)” make single dance composition of ancient Bukhara’s folkloric art.
All performances in the ensemble are accompanied with national music instruments: doira, tanbur, nay, ghijjak, saz, Qashqar rubab, Bukharan rubab, and ud. “The Musical Bouquet” suite, the ensemble’s one of the exemplifying programs, demonstrate all niceties and possibilities of each traditional music instrument.”
Meanwhile, back in the Middle East: “Katara” referred to above, is the purpose built cultural area of Doha, Qatar. There are art galleries, restaurants and performing spaces including a spectacular outdoor auditorium.

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