Taheya Karioka (1959) كاريوكا تحية

If you ever wanted a film that stirs up fond memories and has so many Arabic people saying ‘Oh, I remember seeing that…’, then this is the one. Taheya Karioka dances in a scene from the 1959 Egyptian drama ‘Hob Hatta Alibeh’ ( حب حتى العبادة). The film’s title is translated as ‘Sublime Amour’ which even for 1959, is rather archaic language. ‘Sublime Amour’ sounds like the name of a cheap perfume. The words used in the title could mean ‘Love even (or until) Worship’. The film centres around union activity in a factory but there’s a love story too. Taheya Karioka starred along with Salah Zulfikar, Zizi al Badrawi, Riad Hussain, Omar Hariri and Zuzu Nabil. The music she dances to was written by Fouad al Zahery (فؤاد الظاهرى1915-1988) whose compositions can be heard in many Egyptian films.

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