Dances from the Silk Road (1)

This is the Bukhorcha Dance and Music Ensemble performing at the Nadir Divanbegi Madraasa in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. They put on a great show which lasted about an hour or so, stunning costumes, beautiful dance and fabulous musicians it was just a pity it was probably wasted on 99% of the audience 😦

Inci Adali (Turkey)

This is a really ‘old school’ clip from Turkey but, as there is such a renewed interest in Romany/gypsy dance, its a great clip to look at and learn from. The dancer is Turkish performer Inci Adali (her first name is pronounced Inchi). The performance is part of a film shown on Turkish tv about a girl who works in the nightclub who wants to be a bellydancer. Inci Adali is the star dancer gives her a big break.

Taheya Karioka (1958) تحية كاريوكا‎

Legendary Egyptian bellydancer Taheya Karioka in a scene from the 1958 film ‘Habibi Al Asmar’ (My Dark Sweetheart حبيبي الأسمر). Taheya shared top billing in this movie with Samia Gamal and actors Shukri Sarhan and Youssef Wehbi. The music for the movie was composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

Hermeen (1956) هيرمين

Grace and elegance. Egyptian dancer Hermeen (also spelt Hermine) performing in the 1956 film ‘Nida’a al Hob’ (Love’s Call/The Call of Love نداء الحب). The film starred Shukry Sarhan, Hussein Riad and Abdel Monem Ibrahim.

Nadia al Jundi (1985) نادية الجندي

Alexandria born actress Nadia al Jundi dances in a wedding scene from the 1985 film ‘Sa7eb al Edara Bawab al 3emara’  (His Highness, the Building Supervisor’ صاحب الإدارة بواب العمارة).  The actor in the galabaya is Adel Adham playing a killer who’s in hiding and working as a building caretaker (the bawab of the the title).  He marries Zaida the bellydancer (el Jundi) and they proceed to make money from renting out apartments for gambling and prostitution. They climb the social ladder while hiding behind the guise of a charity.  The film also starred Safiya Omari and Nagah el Mogy.

Hind Rostom (1958) هند رستم‎

The baladi dancer in this clip is Egyptian actress Hind Rostom (1929-2011) in a scene from the 1958 film ‘Touha’ (توحة). The man on the balcony is Mohsen Sarhan. Also starring were Mohamed Tawfik, Zahrat el Ola in the small role, Mahmoud Ismail and Kadria Kamel.
Nagwa Fouad also dances in this movie and the clip of her performance is also on TheCaroVan@Vimeo.

Aziza Zemblek (1951) عزيزة زمبلك

The first dancer in this clip is actor/singer Omar al Gizawy. He’s joined by Mahmoud Abdel Aziz while Omar al Gizawy plays the rebaba. Finally they’re joined by Aziza Zemblek. The scene’s from the 1951 Egyptian film (or 1952 depending on which website you look at) titled ‘The Beauty’s Cheek’ (Al Khad al Gamal خد الجميل ). Aziza Zemblek’s surname is spelt several different ways in English ie Zamblek, Zambalek, Zambalek etc
The film starred Samia Gamal, Mary Munib, Zomoroda, Hasan Fayak, Shekuku and Suad Mekkawi.
Trivia: Aziza Zemblek also appeared in ‘The Falcon’ (Al Saqr الصقر ) a Samia Gamal film from 1950.

Mohamed Roushdi (1968)

This is a popular Arabic song, “Yalli hawa ramak” (What love throws at you) sung by Mohamed Roushdi. The scene is from the 1968 Egyptian film ‘Adawiya’ (عدوية). The film starred Mohamed Roushdi as a poor man who is rejected by the father of his intended due to his lack of money. He retrains as a singer, makes his fortune and is finally his proposal is accepted by the father. The film also starred Hamdy Ahmed (حمدى أحمد), Nahed Sharif as the Adawiya of the title, Nahed Yousri and Naemat Mokhtar.
Trivia: As well as being the surname of a famous singer (Ahmed Adaweya), ‘Adawiya’ is also a female first name.

Nariman Aboud ناريمان عبود

This is Lebanese bellydancer Nariman Aboud performing at an outdoor concert in Achrafieh, a suburb in eastern Beirut, Lebanon.
Nariman was originally spotted by Lebanese singer Melhem Baraket and her career started from there. Later she married singer Wissam al Amir and retired from public performing in the early 2000s to take care of their two children. In 2011 there was talk of her returning to the dance scene but whether that happened or not I don’t know. She still regularly hits the dance floor at the restaurant in Jouneih in Lebanon though.
Trivia: Off topic, Achrafieh has a terrific shopping mall on Alfred Naccache Street called ABC.