Leila Al Jazairia (1953) ليلى الجزائريه

This is Algerian dancer Leila al Jazairia (ليلى الجزائرية) in a scene from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘Lahn Hobbi’ (The Song of My Love لحن حبي) which starred Farid al Atrache and Sabah.
Leila al Jazairia only danced in a couple of movies with Farid Atrache including this one. Born as Nadia Bouguettaya in 1930 (or 1927) she travelled to France where she was noticed by Farid who decided that she would be the replacement bellydancer/actress after his split from his longtime partner, Samia Gamal. Gamal and al Atrache had separated in 1951 after 11 years together both on and off screen. However, after only 3 films with al Atrache Leila left Egypt and returned to France where she continued to work as a dancer.
Background: Leila al Jazairia’s birthplace Oran in Algeria (Wahran in Berber) was the site of a massacre in 1962 during the Algerian War of Independence.

Riri (1957) ريري

This is a little known Egyptian dancer named Riri performing in a scene from a 1957 Egyptian comedy, ‘Ismail Yassine lil Beih’ (Ismail Yassine for Sale اسماعيل يس للبيع).
The film starred comedian Ismail Yassine who’s the groom in this scene and whose name was used in the titles of a series of movies. The film also starred former child actress Feyrouz who would have been around 16 years old when this film was made. Also starring were Thuraya Helmi and Suad Makawi.

Hoda Shams El Din and Maha Sabri (1961)

A second clip from “Ismael Yassin f’il Sijn’ (Ismail Yassin in Prison إسماعيل يس في السجن ) a 1961 film starring Ismail Yassin (of course) and featuring Hoda Shams El Din (هدى شمس الدين dancer) and Maha Sabri (singer). Hoda wears the same costume that she wore in the first clip but Maha has changed gowns.

Hendeya (1995) هندية

Egyptian bellydancer Hendeya performs in a scene from the 1995 film ‘Abu Zeid Zamaanoh’ (أبو زيد زمانه). Hendeya was a popular performer in Egypt during the 80s and 90s with many shows, weddings and film appearances. She was also well known for her nightclub shows in Cairo with singer Sami Ali who’s himself known to Western dancers due to his work with Sahar Hamdi.
The film ‘Abu Zeid Zamaanoh’ starred Egyptian actors Elham Shahein, Mahmoud Hemeida and Mamdouh Wafi.

Nagwa Fouad (1961) فؤاد نجوى

Egyptian bellydancer Nagwa Fouad in another scene from the 1961 comedy film ‘Zawj bil ijar’ (‘Husband for Rent’ or ‘Husband by Proxy’ زوج بالإيجار ). The film starred comedian Ismail Yassin as a wealthy businessman named Murad who is facing bankruptcy. He also plays Murad’s lookalike named Filfil. The film also starred Zahrat al Ola, Wedad Hamdi and Hassan Fayek.

Hoda Shams El Din (هدى شمس الدين ) and Maha Sabri (1961)

Hoda Shams El Din is the dancer and Maha Sabri is the singer in a scene from the 1961 Egyptian film ‘Ismail Yassin f’il Sijn’ (Ismail Yassin in Prison إسماعيل يس في السجن ). The film tells the story of Mahmoud (Yassin) a Court bailiff who’s arrested for the murder of a neighbour. His wife Fulla, played by Maha Sabri, is forced to start work as a nightclub singer. Also starring were Stefan Rosti, Shafik Nour El Din and Tawfik al Deqn.