Hind Rostom (1959) هند رستم‎

The dancer in this clip is actress Hind Rostom (هند رستم‎) in a scene from the 1959 film ‘Sira’a fil Nile’ (Struggle on the Nile صراع فى النيل ). Known as ‘the Marilyn Monroe of Egypt’ for her good looks and vivacious screen personality, Hind Rostom often danced as part of the role in her movies.
In this clip take note of the gobsmacked young man on the right. This is a very young Omar Sharif in his first major film role in Egypt, three years before he became famous in the West for his part in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.  In ‘Sira’a fil Nil’ he’s playing Muhasab an innocent local lad who, along with his father’s friend Mujahed played by Rushi Abaza, has been entrusted to sail his village’s last felucca to Cairo, sell it there and buy a motor launch. The temptress Nagis (played by Hind Rostom) is part of the evil gang who want to steal his money and ensure he never returns to the village with the boat.
Omar Sharif starred in three Egyptian films with similar titles which cause some confusion.  While this clip is taken from the 1959 film ‘Siraa fil Nil’, he also starred in the 1953 film ‘Siraa fil Wadi’ (Struggle in the Wadi) and in the 1956 film ‘Siraa fil Mina’ (usually titled ‘Dark Waters’ though it means ‘Struggle in the Harbour’). Sharif’s then wife Faten Hamama also starred in the 1953 and 1956 films. And to add to the confusion, there’s also the 1961 film ‘Dema alal Nil’ (Blood on the Nile) which again starred Hind Rostom but this time with Farid Shawki.

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